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  Each issue, Wirehed takes a trend-setting insight and underground information sources to create a magazine for the technology community. We put together a unique compilation of technology information. In every issue Wirehed presents:

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  Wirehed Technology Culture Magazine is the only dedicated resource for technology professionals in the Sacramento region. It offers timely information to help purchasers, from the individual consumer to small business owners and large corporation CEOs, keep ahead of the curve in this fast-moving industry.

  Wirehed Technology Culture Magazine delivers all of this every other month to targeted technology industry innovators via mail and direct distribution points throughout the region.


Lori Mattas


03/28/2003 Entry: "Army of Darkness Region 3 Ultimate Edition"


Okay Army of Darkness fans. Boot that Anchor Bay Boomstick Edition out the window and buy a multi region DVD player right away. Look what MGM has released on a Region 3 DVD.


A gorgeous, newly restored version of the director's cut with additional scenes not on the Anchor Bay version. Unlike the AB edition where the additional "Director's Cut" footage was taken raw from various sources, MGM has restored the entire print. This is the way the movie is meant to be seen, and this is the best this film is likely to look.

5.1 Dolby Digital sound. (2.0 on the AB version)

1.85:1 Original Aspect Ratio 16X9 enhanced (compare to 1.66:1 found on the AB version)

The Average Bitrate is almost twice that of the AB version



Wirehed Fiction

Sweet Sorrow, by Brent Barrett
Sweet Sorrow
by Brent Barrett
Science Fiction Novel

If you are an author or artist and would like to submit your original genre novels, short stories, comics, or other works of fiction, please send e-mail with a short overview of your work. Please do not submit your work with your initial contact. When we want to see the work, we will ask for it.



03/31/2003 Entry: "Gameboy Advance SP Review"


After my first play test with the new SP unit, one of the first things I said was, “Wow, I can finally see what I’m playing now!”

Actually, I cursed more than fit for print, but the sentiment was the same. Nintendo had finally answered the cries of millions of Gameboy Advance owners who, for nearly two years, complained about difficulty seeing the screen under anything other than perfect light.

Now the SP fixes all that, with a built-in front-lit screen that makes the games infinitely easier to see. No more need for ineffective LED light attachments or Afterburner mod kits, as the light for the SP works flawlessly, with even light distribution across the entire screen. Finally, gamers can play Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, notorious for being the darkest GBA game, and see what they’re been doing the entire time.

While the lighted screen is the highlight of the system, it’s not the only feature that makes the SP so attractive. It’s smaller dimensions, a 3 in. x 3 in. square that’s about an inch thick when closed, truly makes this Game Boy more pocket sized than the previous systems.

Flip the screen up, and the system has the appearance of a mini-laptop or a PDA, and looks much more “sophisticated” than the old GBA. I’ve received several comments from passer-bys who were intrigued by the system, some wondering what it was, and others commenting how different it looked for a portable game system. Trust me, flash this thing around and it’ll get people talking.

With the compact design and lit-screen though, batteries consumed too much space and lacked the capacity to power the SP for an extended period of time. Now included with the system is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and AC adapter, with a single 3-hour charge lasting 18 hours of gameplay with the light off, 10 hours with the light on. The lack of batteries also makes the unit much lighter, with an approximate weight of five ounces.

OK, so the unit is excellently designed and has many great features, but what does it matter if the controls are horrible? Well, I’m happy to report it still controls great, given the sacrifices needed for making the system more compact. The D-pad and main B and A action buttons are more recessed into the system so they don’t hit the screen when it is closed shut. While the buttons feel clicky compared to previous Game Boy systems, they are just as responsive. Also, the L and R triggers feel great, even if they are Chiclet-sized. Overall, the controls are perfect, though people with larger hands may have to get used to positioning their fingers on the trigger buttons.

Worried that your old GBA accessories won’t work on the SP? Well, the light attachments, AC adapters, and rechargeable batteries are of no use now, and any oddly designed accessories that were made for the old GBA such as the TV tuners won’t fit anymore. However, the link cables and e-Reader still work with the SP, so for those who feel the urge to scan cards to play an old game of Excitebike, you’re in luck.

This review is not all gushing with praise for the SP though, as I have some complaints that, while minor, must be noted. The lit-screen does tend to wash out colors, especially the blacks and darker color shades. The screen is front-lit, not back-lit, so such a side effect was expected. Also, because the D-pad is not as flexible as the previous GBA, it makes fighting games such as Street Fighter and King of Fighters even more difficult to play, since it is harder to pull-off the movements on the pad for special moves.

Lastly, my complaints are about the GBA series in general. The weak sound chip gives most sound effects and music a very tinny sound, and while developers have tried their hardest to get music that sounds SNES-quality, their efforts come close, but not quite perfect. And the lack of additional X and Y buttons makes porting SNES games to the GBA more challenging, and does limit the controls.

But, to sum up my review, the GBA SP kicks ass. Buy one.

The GBA SP is available in Platinum and Cobalt (metallic) colors, and currently retails for $99.99.


An aside: I remember when GameBoy Advance SP hit the market in 2003. As a parent of kids who need to be entertained on our long trips from Maryland to the Maine coast each summer, I thought that the feature an internal light, allowing users to play games in dimly lit or dark areas would be perfect. It was a hit. I thought it was great that it housed a great library of video games and was backward compatible with Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. Jump ahead to the present. As my wife and I get ready for a move to Boston, I was going through some of the stuff we had stored for our kids after they had graduated from high school. Guess what I found? Yup, their old GameBoy Advance SP consoles. What a difference 15 years has made for technology. The new 2018 Gameboy Advance SP is extremely slim. When closed it is about 3.3 x 3.2 x 1 inches and it has 10 to 18 hours of battery depending on the brightness of the screen and also had a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. How cool is that? I wasn't pleased to learn that the newest models don't included a headphone jack. However the games still hold up and the SP has a great library of games. Plus, the Gameboy and the Color have a solid library of games. I personally have not played a ton of Gameboy Advance games, but the few games I have played have been enjoyable and extremely fun. Whoops! I am suppose to be checking out certified Baltimore residential movers and here I am reminiscing about GameBoy. But I am not concerned about the movers. I have already contacted Hampden Moving & Storage, a Maryland moving company that one of my co workers highly recommended. They are coming over this afternoon to go through the budgeting, planning, preparation, packing, and entire relocation process with my wife and myself. I better let my wife know. But before I go downstairs to tell her about the visit, I just might play one game of Donkey Kong Country!



04/07/2003 Entry: "This Weeks DVDs"

Where I tell you what you should buy.

This weeks biggest release actually comes out on Friday. Look for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in stores everywhere 4/11. Or just read the endless supply of fan (slash)fic available all over the net for free. Read on for some excellent price information, and the rest of Wirehed's picks.

Fry’s actually seems to have the best Harry Potter price of $13.99. Although Best Buy has a pretty good deal at $15.99 and an option to buy either The Goonies, Willy Wonka, or Wizard Of Oz for $7.99. Or, if you are thirsty, you can grab a free bottle of Coke with the DVD at Target, advertised at $14.99.

Be careful, there are two, separate releases of The Chamber of Secrets, be sure to pick up the correct, original aspect ratio WIDESCREEN edition!

Wirehed’s top DVD pick o' the week goes to the hilarious Fox series The Family Guy. This season 1 and 2 boxed set should become available this Tuesday, however some sites, like Amazon show it coming out on the 15th. Since most stores had it advertised as hitting the street on the 8th, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the shelves early. Pick it up when you can, it’s worth it. Read our exciting interview with one of the hip writers, artists and all 'round cool guy for The Family Guy and other shows here.

This week also provides us with the next Farscape DVD. Farscape 3.1 The show is over, but dedicated fans can relive the moments on DVD. Or just move on. This may be a chance to discover girls...or other shows.

Anime titles of interest include: Lupin the 3rd - Love Heist #2, Patlabor the Movie: WXIII (Ultimate Edition and Regular), and Tokyo Babylon (The Prequel to X - The Movie).

And silly DVDs you may be interested in but would probably hide from friends include the cult film Pumping Iron II: The Women. Now if I could just get the first Pumping Iron movie, we might be on to something. If it had an audio commentary from Arnold I would buy it in a second…but I really don’t think we’re ever going to see that. Guess I’ll have to keep my VHS tape.




Sweet Sorrow

by Brent Barrett



Prologue   Posted February 11, 2003
Chapter 1 Standard Operating Procedure Posted February 17, 2003
Chapter 2 The Last Full Measure Posted February 24, 2003
Chapter 3 Deceptions Posted March 3, 2003
Chapter 4 Home, Sweet Home Posted March 10, 2003
Chapter 5 Into the Depths Posted March 17, 2003
Chapter 6 Let It Ring Posted March 24, 2003
Chapter 7 The Dream of Sleep Posted March 31, 2003
Chapter 8 Loyalties Posted April 6, 2003






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